There are many reasons for investing. For retirement, school fees, an emergency fund, a wedding, a child’s first car or even a deposit for a first mortgage.

Whatever the reason you will be assailed by adverts suggesting that this, that or the other is the best plan or account.

Much depends on what you are trying to achieve, the time-scale involved, the risk you are prepared to accept and whether we are talking about a lump sum or a regular savings scheme.

Our task is to design a plan which meets your precise requirements and includes as much tax-efficiency as possible.

We are able to work on a fee or a commission basis and this can be decided by agreement.

We continually monitor client investments and will make contact if we feel that adjustments should be made.

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Protect your family

How many people actually know what financial state their family will be in if the breadwinner dies unexpectedly?

This is even more pertinent if there are dependent children.

What is not widely known is that an inexpensive insurance called a family protection plan can take this risk away.

This insurance could not be simpler. You select a time period, say 20 years, and if you die within this period the plan pays a tax-free income to the spouse/partner for the remainder of the term.

The example below illustrates this perfectly.

Mr & Mrs Lumpkin are aged 35 and 29 and both are non-smokers. They have two children ages 3 and 7. The Lumpkin’s want to ensure that if one of them dies then the survivor receives a worthwhile income until the youngest child is age 21 (and presumably no longer dependent).

They believe that £1,250 p.m. is adequate.

Mr Lumpkin can obtain such a plan for £9.55 p.m. whilst Mrs Lumpkin pays £7.66 because she is younger.

So, for a combined £17.21 they can provide each other and their family with the financial security we all desire.

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